In the beginning, 26  years ago we started our first sugar craft shop in Manchester Road, Swindon; we were excited, frightened and full of hope. We had no idea of what would happen as Swindon had never had a real cake decorating shop before and we didn’t know whether it was because no one had opened one, or if there wasn’t a market for one. Never the less we found the premises opposite the bus station and although it was out of town our customers came to us.

We didn’t have any idea what would sell so we bought two of everything, one to sell and one to display, we spread everything out to fill up the shelves and walls. (Oh those were the days)
Three years later we opened our shop in Gloucester and that shop has also done well. That was easier to open than the first one because we learnt quickly and didn’t make the same mistakes twice.

Twelve years ago we bought the premises we are in now and have expanded our ranges of cake decorations and equipment (no surplus space now).
The kitchen and classroom being upstairs makes it much easier to work while the shop is open. We have good customers with whom we have a laugh and a joke.

And after 26 years we are still talking to each other

Carole Stafford /Sheila Peaple